oPinions aBout oDesk?

I’m using oDesk as a platform to try to connect with companies to work regularly with, I really think they should add a no spec work policy, what is your opinion of oDesk?  I am doing my best to survive in the freelance online logo & graphic design industry, I’ll take a $40 job when I have to, even took a simple $5.00 job which turned into a great review and more work but crowdsourcing/spec work is destroying the industry… is it not?

oDesk logo


2 Responses to oPinions aBout oDesk?

  1. steven says:

    o Desk serving good for all user ans now this design of o Desk is leading indication towards it progress

  2. steven says:

    as your team is hard working for promoting these good pieces of excellent work this is quite amazing
    Logo designs

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