Please contact me if you have any questions or need some graphic design or logo design work done, I’m always available!


4 Responses to Contact

  1. divina says:

    Interested in your “city on a hill” logo for our church school of ministry that will be starting in he fall. Please send me price information. Thank you
    Divina Lopez – Director
    Valley Church
    School of Ministry

  2. DIVINA LOPEZ says:

    Still haven’t heard anything from you about if this logo was available for purchase? Please Let me know ASAP.

  3. earlfox says:

    Only for group members who already have their existing web-sites. I can enhance your web-site in a new fresh way by enriching functionality.

    Hello, I am hardworking Bitcoin programmer. I can do any complicated MATH @ your web-site for Bitcoin! Like:
    – Integrating ANY API, especially APIs for processing Bitcoin payments.
    – Fixing any script problems on your web-sites.
    – I am creating Web-TOOLS & WEB-SERVICES, e.g. Web-based price calculators (to help your customers calculate the product price according to amount/etc)
    – I will give my high priority for developing Bitcoin-services & will be twice interested to dedicate my time for working on any services that will promote Bitcoin.

    Willing to work for Bitcoin! 😉 Massive discounts for choosing BTC to pay me or for anyone who’s coming from this group.

    LIMITED OFFER: any order $30. I will accomplish 90% of projects with average difficulty. Message me with your web-site to find out if I can do something about it to improve its functionality!

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